Active rotor brake
  • Integrated low maintenance closed loop HPU system
  • Special Voltage
  • Low temperature -40°C
  • High temperature resistant +70°C
  • Paint colour customisable
  • Conservation coating
  • Several lining materials, including sintered metal and organic
  • Applicable for several disc thicknesses
  • Air gap brake pads according to customer specification
  • Drain ports for oil leakage, preventing pads contamination
  • Harting connectivity for easy installation
  • Pressure switches and sensors for pressure monitoring
  • Handpump integration for emergency operations

Active rotor brakes

Active rotor brakes are part of the aerodynamic braking system of the rotor of a wind turbine. Active rotor brakes are hydraulic applied and spring released, meaning that the braking force depends on the hydraulic pressure.

When the turbine is in operation, the active rotor brake is without hydraulic pressure and the brake linings are retracted by springs.

Active rotor brakes are used as an emergency brake and for positioning the rotor to apply rotor lock devices for mechanical locking during maintenance.

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