• Options & spare parts available on costumers request
  • High Operational safety & service life
  • Produces braking force of 230 up to 3000 N
  • Self lubrication bushings
  • Stepless and short actuation time
  • Environmental temperature range -25°C to +50°C
  • High switching frequency up to 2000 cycles per S3
  • Reverse operation without limitation
  • Easy de- & installation
  • Overload prevention
  • External limiting of stroke path
  • Standard Voltage 230/400V, 50Hz, IP65, Class F
  • Special Voltage
  • Low temperature -40°C
  • High temperature resistant steel work +70°C
  • Ascending / Descending
  • Inner spring
  • Paint colour customisable
  • Conservation coating
  • Thruster limit stroke sensor


The TS electro hydraulic thruster is designed to generate a linear thrust along a stroke. All electro hydraulic thruster are designed according to DIN 15430. The TS electro hydraulic thruster can be mounted with the shaft in vertical (rod up), horizontal and intermediate positions (30ᵒC, 45ᵒC, etc). The TS electro hydraulic thruster can integrate many options and is designed to ensure reliable and safe braking whatever the application or conditions are.

The TS electro hydraulic thrusters are appropriate for safe application in combination with our electro-hydraulic disc and drum brakes including in cranes, conveyors, metal extraction, mines, ports, construction machinery.

Position switches and sensors are some of the numerous features and additions to be applied.

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