24 April 2023

Floating passive brakes

Floating passive brakes are spring applied and hydraulic released, meaning that the brake is fail safe. In the event of a grid failure situation for the wind turbine, the floating passive brake generates a braking force without hydraulic pressure.

When the brake lining of the spring applied part comes in contact with the disc, the complete floating passive brake will slide over 2 shafts, until the opposite brake lining comes in contact with the disc and the braking force will increase to the set value of the spring stack.

To retract the brake linings, the floating passive brake must be applied with sufficient hydraulic pressure to compress the spring stack inside the floating passive brake. The external spring system will cause the floating passive brake to remove itself from the brake disc back to neutral position.

Floating passive brakes are available with different spring stack combinations, resulting in a broad variety of braking forces.