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Trebu systems are designed and developed at our Rotterdam location. To deliver the highest quality, the systems are extensively tested during the production process to ensure that they can withstand the most extreme conditions.

On the production line, new prototypes are subjected to extensive tests. If these tests are successful, we install the prototype in your installation, so that the product can be tested on location. After these tests, the system is ready for series production. Before the finished systems leave our factory, they will again be put to a number of tests.

Prototype testing
We will test new prototypes in our own factory. This process consists of 4 different phases.

1 Durability testing
During the durability test of new braking systems, we examine the lifespan of the products. A very high number of braking movements is simulated in a short time. The effect of intensive daily use on the materials will be shown even before the products are in use. The data from the durability test is used to make our systems stronger and more durable.

2 Friction test
We have developed our own friction test to test the braking surface and the friction. This test is carried out on a test bench with a cylinder and a lance on which the brakes exert pressure. Brake pressure, heat development and wear of the friction material are extensively measured and analyzed.

3 Salt test
Many of our products end up in offshore applications. This means they have to withstand the conditions of rough seas, wind and heavy rain. One of them is salt. The salt test developed by Trebu analyzes whether the applied preservation meets the environmental requirements set by the customer.

4 Temperature test
Our products are placed in a variety of environments, with large differences in ambient temperatures. Our temperature test, which has a range of -40 to +70 °C will guarantee that the chosen materials can withstand different ambient temperatures.


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